Rosasharn CH Uproar +*B/+*S

ADGA Genetics Database
DOB: 4-04-2005

Sire: Rosasharn UR Honey Nut Cheerio ++*B/+*S
     SS: Rosasharn's TL Unregrettable +*S
     SD: SG/ARMCH Rosasharn Buckwheat Honey 3*M/3*D (EEEE 91)

Dam: SG/ARMCH Rosasharn Uni 2*M/3*D (EEEV 90)
     DS: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb ++*B/++*S
     DD: AR Rosasharn's Baby USA 1*M/2*D

     2014: 09-03 87 VEE

Farm Notes:

Uproar, in November of 2014, was found to have a parasite load in his fecal. After 2 months of blood work and fecals we were still unable to clear out the parasites, due to an apparent resistance to even the strongest of wormers. The prognosis being bleak, we decided the most humane thing to do was to let him pass before any suffering could occur. He was very much loved here, and will be sorely missed. We loved him for how friendly and happy he always was.

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