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DOB: 5-02-2017

Sire: Rosasharn BCL Gwydion *B (1-02 VEV 86)
     SS: Rosasharn NP B-Coming's Legacy *B (4-02 VVV 86)
     SD: SG Rosasharn TL Bewitched 1*M (6-01 EEEE 92) (2011 #5 ADGA Top Ten for milk production)

DAM: SGCH Little Tot's Estate Isabella 2*M (3-00 VEVE 90)
     DS: Little Tots Estate Agave *B
     DD: GCH SM3Pines Jaffa's Xeres 1*M

     2018: 1-03 V+++ 83 (FF Score)
     2019: 02-03 VVEV 88

Maria is still a bit of an unassuming yearling, but she has all the parts and pieces. She has a lovely, smoothly blended body, with dished shoulders, a long level topline, and strong front end. Gwydion even improved on her dam's angularity; adding a little correct angularity to Maria's rear legs. Her udder is small but very well attached with buttery soft texture. All in all, despite its size, it reminds me a lot of Isabella's when she was a yearling and it is consistent with what we've seen with our other two Isabella daughters.

Maria isn't behaving in the picture but she earned a lot of praise at her showing debut! Her small size and udder earned her a 2nd and third amongst our other more capacious yearlings but each judge stopped us afterwards to tell how much they loved her conformation. Todd Biddle, especially, took a few minutes to tell us how much he loved her length of body, dairy strength, and socked on mammary. After Maria's sister, Aurora, won GCH under Todd he was very impressed to find out they were maternal half sisters. We hope Maria continues to develop nicely and we've retained her 2018 daughter from Alethia HB Galaxy Quest.


Doodle Acres G Santa Maria Doodle Acres G Santa Maria Doodle Acres G Santa Maria Doodle Acres GD Santa Maria


 Doodle Acres GD Santa Maria Doodle Acres GD Santa Maria Doodle Acres GD Santa Maria  Doodle Acres GD Santa Maria


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