,GCH Phoenix Farm Sussana 3*M

GCH Phoenix Farm Sussana 3*M
(pictured as a 2-year-old 2nd freshener)

ADGA Genetics Database
DOB: 1-12-2014

Sire: Phoenix Farm Knight Rider *B (1 X GCH)
     SS: CH TX Twincreeks Fax Summerknight *B/*S (90)
     SD: GCH Eastwind Farm Dorcas 1*M (VEVV 89)

Dam: MI Sugarcreek WIL Yahtzee 2*M (LA  +VE+ 84)
     DS: MI Sugarcreek C Willful
     DD: ARMCH Sugar Creek's SS Silhouette 1*M/6*D (VEEE 90)

     2015: ++VV
     2016: VEVV 86

     2014 Montgomery County Fair: 1st Place Senior Kid / Grand Champion
     2016 Leetown 3 Ring Doe Show: 1st Place 2-year-old / Grand Champion / Best of Breed (Christine Grant)
     2016 Montgomery County Fair: 1st Place 2-year-old / Grand Champion / Best in Show
     2016 ADGA National Show: 11th Place 2-year-old of 39

Sussana's best qualities would have to be her length of body, blending, uphill withers, flatness of back, width of rump, and the angularity in her rear legs. Her weaker features would be her brisket, head, front legs, and rump. She is putting together a nice overall package which the judges seem to like. She was Jr GCH twice at the Mongtomery Co. Fair in Gaithersburg, MD under Jeremy Lesniak.

Sussana freshened for the second time in April 2016, and wow, did she give us a lot to work with. Her udder is drop-dead gorgeous and is just out of this world correct. It has more edema to it then last year but she still milks a lot, and last year she milked over 600lbs and earned her star on fat, protein, and volume. I know she'll make even more this year, and with an udder like this we have high hopes that she's going to be hard to beat in the show ring!

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