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GCH Doodle Acres BB War Bird  

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DOB: 4-02-2016

Sire: Phoenix Farm Buzzards Bay *B (3-04 VVV 86) (Full brother to 2014 Spotlight Sale buck Blackbird)
     SS: Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++*B
     SD: SGCH Phoenix Farm Summer Bird 1*M (2015 5-02 EEEE 91)

Dam: SGCH Little Tot's Estate Isabella 2*M (3xGCH)(3xBOB)(1xBIS) (2014: V+++)(2015: 3-00 VVVV)(2016: 1-08 VEVE 90)
     DS: Little Tots Estate Agave *B
     DD: GCH SM3Pines Jaffa's Xeres 1*M

     2017: 1-02 V+VV 87
     2018: 2-04 VVVV 86
     2019: 03-04 VEEE 91

     2016 ADGA National Show: 12th Place Junior Kid
     2017 ADGA National Show Madison, WI: 5th Place Yearling Milker with 3rd Place Udder
             8th Place Dam & Daughter with Isabella
     2017 Montgomery Co. Fair: 1st Place Yearling Milker/ Reserve CH Senior
     2018: Queen Anne’s County Fair, Senior RGCH (Christen Adels)
     2018: Montgomery County Fair, Senior GCH (Jeremy Lesniak)
     2019: Montgomery County Fair, Senior GCH (Karen Smith)
     2019: Great Frederick Fair, Senior GCH (Allen Bitter)
     2019: Maryland State Fair, Senior GCH (Jackson Noble)

Even though our beautiful WarBird keeps on giving us single doelings, she was able to become a permanent champion in 2019 and then went to top it off by earning a VEEE 91 as a 3-year-old third freshener. Her 2019 daughter, Doodle Acres CB Warrior Choice also got a restricted leg and even went Best Doe in Show!


Doodle Acres BB Warbird 3*M Doodle Acres BB Warbird 3*M GCH Doodle Acres BB War Bird



GCH Doodle Acres BB War Bird GCH Doodle Acres BB War Bird


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